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Do You Have a Sewer Problem? Connectionz Can Help!

Have you noticed water backing up into your drains? Does the smell of sewage permeate your whole home? Is there bubbling or standing water in your yard? You may have an emergency sewer problem on your hands. Sewer lines require frequent, regular maintenance in order to properly function, but even with consistent upkeep, sewer lines may break. In the event of a broken line, you need to call Connectionz right away. Our experienced sewer line repair specialists can quickly address the concern and take immediate action to resolve your issue.

If you need fast, reliable sewer line service in Salt Lake City, Sandy, or anywhere in Salt Lake County, call (801) 890-5609 and speak with a trusted representative from our team.

Common Sewer Problems

Sewers lines are used almost every single day in your home, and oftentimes, homeowners do not think about their sewers until a sudden backup or flooding occurs. At Connectionz, we understand that this can be a cause for alarm, especially because sewer line ruptures can happen day or night. Our team does not want you to have to wait for the next business day to fix your sewer, which is why we offer trusted emergency services 24/7 to help address concerns when you need it most.

In many circumstances, the most common causes of broken sewer lines include:

  • Outdated or aging pipes that have collapsed or cracked
  • Roots, soil, or storm damage
  • Corrosion
  • Grease and other debris causing blockages
  • Foreign objects stuck in the pipes
  • Lack of maintenance

The moment you start to notice a problem with your sewer, get in touch with our team. We will be on the scene promptly and work to resolve the issue with minimal interruption to your life. Of course, some major issues may require excavation, but our trained plumbers will work to restore your sewage lines as quickly as possible.

Don’t Let Your Sewer Stop You—Call Now!

Damaged, broken, cracked, and poorly draining sewers can cause immense damage to your home and property. As soon as you recognize the signs of a damaged sewer line, you need to work with a Salt Lake City, UT sewer line repair specialist from Connectionz

To learn more or schedule an appointment, call our office at (801) 890-5609.

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